To my sweet Sewing Friends

For those of you who have just recently signed up, have been receiving articles for a long time, or who are coming to this website for the first time, I have both bad and good news. The bad news is that on Dec. 31st our server was compromised by a group of people that caused the website, as well as many others, to crash. At this point in time there is no access to the sewing articles,

and unfortunately when we get the website back up I no longer have your email addresses in order to send you the articles. However, this is the good news, although this group's intention was to do harm, "...we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God..."Romans 8:28, when the website returns (in approximately a month) it will be so much better, and user friendly!!!

For example, we will have an archive of ALL of the articles which you will be able to access at any time! You will also be able to post your own comments, recommendations, or tips, as well as read the entries of other sewing friends. And much more!!! All the articles will continue to be for free, with no obligation to buy anything!!!

So, I apologize for the inconvenience, but keep checking in for the new and improved!!!

May the Lord bless you,