First Time To Sew

Well, today was our first day to sew!!!  It was around nap time, looking back I thought it was ingenious!!  Our little one is down to a nap, about every third day.  However, I still require her to lay in bed and rest on the off days, to give both of us some quiet time.  But, because she really isn't tired on those off days, and sees no purpose in laying down quietly when "it is still light outside" and there are "so many fun things" yet to be experienced, she sometimes (about every other day) has a little melt down before she goes to her room!!!

BUT, today I thought it was a good day to start our sewing adventure!  She had been in the room with me for about 30 minutes watching me sew (making modifications to the girls' bathing suits).  I asked her if she wanted to sew a special pillow for her baby for nap time.  She was excited!!!  She picked out a pretty floral flannel fabric.  I cut out a rectangle, that wasn't exact, because I didn't take the time to make it perfect.  It was approximately 12 x 4.  We folded it in half, wrong sides together and sat down to sew.

Now when my other daughter started at age 3, I knew she would follow the golden rule: DON'T PUT YOUR FINGERS UNDER THE NEEDLE, so I actually allowed her to work the pedal herself.  I  placed a sock in the pedal in order to eliminate the possiblity of her going too fast.  She never created an actual object (like a pillow) we just put pieces of fabric under the needle, and I let her sew lines all over the fabric.  She used straight and zig zag stitches, and turned the fabric any way she wanted.  She was thrilled!

Because of the uncertainty with this precious one, I chose to sit her on my lap, while I controlled the pedal.  She was perfectly fine with this.  I gave my quick lecture on the dangers of the needle, and then we were off.  We worked on "feeling the fabric tickle our fingers as it slides through our fingertips", and she learned how to make the machine go "backwards and forwards" by holding a lever down.  We then turned the pillow right side out, stuffed it as full as "baby wanted it", and then put it back under the machine to sew the hole up (instead of hand sewing it closed).

We were done in about 10 minutes, AND she was so excited to go lay down and have her baby use the new pillow she made!  As she put it:  "it is so cool and awesome" (she is obviously raised with a 12 and 15 year old)!

What a wonderful first day of sewing- AND, she might be on her own sooner than I thought!*?*!

May the Lord bless your first days, as well!!!

I would love to hear about your first days of sewing - send me an email!