The Adventure Begins - Again!!!

I started this website in 2006.  For those of you who haven’t been with me that long, it was nothing like this – you were emailed articles approximately once a week.  At that time our girls were 8 and 11 – we had been sewing for 5 years.  In 2007, I made the announcement that I would have to slow down with the articles because the Lord was blessing us through the adoption of a precious baby girl, and therefore I needed to focus my time on my family.

So here we are in 2010, and God has MORE plans for our family!! To catch you up to date with my life and plans for this season of articles, starting with article 50, read Article 49- Chosen.

Plans For The Blog:

Our “baby” is now 3 and I am realizing that she is the same age as when I got started with our middle daughter!*?*!  And you know what, I am reading through some of these old articles thinking – I can’t believe I started them sooo young!!!! I bet some of you had that same thought!!!

Now you must know, first of all I LOVE (and am amazed) how God can give us a house full of children, from our womb, and they are all so unique, with their own personalities, quirks, way of thinking, processing information…  By the way (side note), that theory that a person’s personality is linked to the time of year they are born and their zodiac sign, has been proven WRONG in this family.  Our two oldest have the exact same birthday (3 years apart) and they are polar opposites!!! But what is even more amazing, is when the Lord blesses you with a child from your heart (through adoption), and that comment that some of your mothers may have said to you when you were a teenager, “I hope you have one just like you”, is fulfilled!!!  I truly believe that God took my husband’s and my DNA and placed a good portion of it right inside this precious girl!!!  She has the most beautiful strong will, that needs some major refining!!!!  As the Lord told me (when I was 32), it is a GOOD thing to have a strong will that will stand up, no matter what, for what they believe – the key – believing the Truth!!! (Unfortunately, I spent many many years standing up for the wrong things!!)

SO, here I am looking at myself in this precious 3 year old body, knowing full well that she only will believe that something is hot IF she touches it herself to confirm it!*?*!  And what is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE for starting your child sewing – that you KNOW they will follow the rule to NOT put their precious fingers under the needle!!! I am just not sure!*?*!

So, I am excited to tell you that I am going to be sharing with you my new sewing adventure with our precious little one.  What you do, when you just aren’t sure what they will do!  This is going to be fun – and I am sure my learning curve in teaching (as well as other character building traits) is about to sky rocket!!!