Round Two

Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget things!*?*!  The girls and I had a pretty relaxing day, not alot on the schedule (which is rare), and so I thought we would try for round two of sewing with our little one.  I suggested that we make a blanket to match the pillow she made for her baby.

She seemed excited, so we got out the same flannel fabric and I cut out a rectangle (approximately 8 x 11).  I put her on my lap, and we discussed the dangers of sewing, again.  We didn't fold the fabric over on the edges, we just kept it flat and started sewing. I had her practice keeping the edge of the fabric lined up with the edge of the foot.  We did this all the way around the "blanket", giving it a finished edge.  Then we practiced moving the fabric with her hands, by letting her sew lines all over the "blanket", in any direction she wanted.

She was excited, initially, and enjoyed making the lines down each side.  This didn't take long - maybe 3 minutes.  But when we started sewing in the middle of the blanket, she started losing interest in what she was doing.  A couple of times I had to grab her hands to move them away from the needle because she wasn't looking at the sewing machine, she was looking around the room.  After this, I knew it was time to stop - she had lost interest and was putting herself in danger.

Here is what I forgot:  Kids, especially young ones, want to do whatever you are doing!!  If you are cleaning the kitchen, they want to clean.  If you are cooking, they want to cook.  If you are picking up trash, they want to pick up trash.  It doesn't matter what you are doing, they just want to do what you are doing, with you!!!  That is why it is so easy to teach them how to do chores at a young age, because they just want to do and be like you!  I love that!

All of our girls loved their first experience of sewing, because they were doing what mom was doing.  It was exciting to feel "big", like mommy, by working with the sewing machine.  As I mentioned in the blog regarding our first experience (First Time To Sew), she had been in the room with me for about 30 minutes watching me sew before she even got to sit down and sew herself.  It wasn't so much the sewing that excited her, as much as the opportunity to do something that "mommy does"!  That is what kept her attention.

Now, you have to remember, she is only 3!  If she were older this wouldn't be as much of an issue.  However, it is a very important element to her learning this young.  Which happens to be a good opportunity for me to get some more sewing done!!!!


First Time To Sew

Well, today was our first day to sew!!!  It was around nap time, looking back I thought it was ingenious!!  Our little one is down to a nap, about every third day.  However, I still require her to lay in bed and rest on the off days, to give both of us some quiet time.  But, because she really isn't tired on those off days, and sees no purpose in laying down quietly when "it is still light outside" and there are "so many fun things" yet to be experienced, she sometimes (about every other day) has a little melt down before she goes to her room!!!

BUT, today I thought it was a good day to start our sewing adventure! 

The Adventure Begins - Again!!!

I started this website in 2006.  For those of you who haven’t been with me that long, it was nothing like this – you were emailed articles approximately once a week.  At that time our girls were 8 and 11 – we had been sewing for 5 years.  In 2007, I made the announcement that I would have to slow down with the articles because the Lord was blessing us through the adoption of a precious baby girl, and therefore I needed to focus my time on my family.

So here we are in 2010, and God has MORE plans for our family!! To catch you up to date with my life and plans for this season of articles, starting with article 50, read Article 49- Chosen.

Plans For The Blog:

My Journey of Learning to Sew

For those of you who are new to this website, this is my journey of learning to sew.  I hope that it encourages and inspires you to not give up on your dreams to learn!

“My plan” (lol – I always laugh at that statement!!!) was for me to learn how to sew first, and then after my oldest daughter was a little older I would start teaching her.  Of course, things never quite turn out how you think they should.   HOWEVER, it turned out better than I could have hoped for!!!


Welcome to Sewing with Kids!

You say tomato!  I say  tomatoWE ARE BACK!!!  Yeah!!!  I have missed all of you!!!  For those that haven’t visited before, we are devoted to teaching you how to teach your child to sew and/or, for you to learn how to sew.

It’s NEVER too early to start teaching your child to sew, and there is no need to spend $ on lessons, when you can do it yourself!  THE ONE THING YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE IS EXPERIENCE!  Whether you have never sewn before or are a professional seamstress there are only 9 Critical Secrets you MUST know…


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