Here are 9 Secrets You MUST Know to Teach your Children to Sew

9 secrets for sewing togetherDo You Want Your Child To Learn How To Sew?
Don't Spend $ On Lessons When You Can Do It Yourself.
Here are 9 Secrets You MUST Know To Be Successful!

It's NEVER too early to start teaching your child to sew.
Whether you have never sewn before or are a professional seamstress
here are 9 Critical Secrets you MUST know...

"I am loving the articles! I had a first sewing lesson with two little 8 year old girls, 2 weeks ago, and we made your purse. They had a great time".

Thanks, Shirley

Thanks "sew" much for your informative newsletters. I have a 13 yr. old daughter who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (form of Autism) that is sewing for the first time".

Blessings, Windy

"I'm not sure how I ended up on your email list but I'm so glad I did! I recently retired, moved back to Indiana to be closer to my children and grandkids and have in mind to start teaching children to sew. I am a long time seamstress but to teach others would be new to me. Your emails and instructions have been so helpful. I've looked online for books or instruction on teaching sewing to children and have had no luck finding anything - except from you! Thank you again for all your emails, your encouragement and your instructions"!



"I have been printing off your emails since the very first time you sent me one. I just wanted to say thanks. I'm a little slow at things as I have Multiple Sclerosis. I only tried to sew once in my younger years, when it didn't turn out the way it should have I never tried again... Well my daughter of 30 bought a sewing machine and told me she was learning how to sew and that she found it easy. So I got one about a year later and that's when I found your website. I must say that this time around I'm finding it more interesting. I have a lot more respect for the machine and a lot more confidence in myself too. And I believe that it's also from your guidance. Your step by step patterns are perfect for me. I don't always understand what I read but your instructions are great".

Thank you again

"I teach young children to sew and I have found your tips most thorough and very helpful in developing my classes".

Thanks, Bobbie

"9 Secrets to successfully teach your children to sew..."


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